Passion for endurance

How do we create a sustainably produced garment which supports your brand with every detail and meets the specific requirements of your business? There is a lot of professionalism, product development, and rigor behind it.

Each of our solutions is designed to meet the specific requirements of our client and their staff. We deliver high-quality, durable and environmentally sustainable products that support your brand, protect your employees, and respect nature.


Workwear is something your staff should never have to think about. When the clothes are truly functional, ergonomic and durable, they don’t have to. Our products make working easier, improve ergonomics, protect from tough conditions and look great. Top gear for top performances.


A well-made work garment is not only durable, but it is also an ecological choice. We do continuous product development in close cooperation with our Asian offices, our product development unit and our customers.

Quality management is handled by a dedicated team that knows the specific requirements of our customers. The team checks every piece of clothing coming off the production line to make sure they are top-notch when they reach the customers.


You do not have to worry about certification. We do it for you, whether it is for workwear, shoes, visibility-, multinorm- or rainwear.


When your staff is comfortable in their work clothes, it shows. And when your workwear reflects your brand, your clients will notice it too. Their first contact with your brand may very well be with your employee wearing your branded work clothes. Your choices in design and materials have a big impact, and we have made the process as easy and cost-effective as possible. All our expertise is at your disposal.

We make good-looking, street-credible workwear designed to last and feel comfortable even after work. Fit and style are the focal points, without compromising safety.

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