About us

Your brand is in capable hands

We want to offer our customers the most functional, comfortable and durable workwear on the market. We make our apparel stylish and produce them in an environmentally friendly way. Nothing more, nothing less.

Logonet has workwear offices in Finland, Thailand, China, and Bangladesh. We are part of Logonet Group, designing and producing workwear, protective clothing, work shoes, bags, and home textiles and other merchandise for several internationally known brands. We are just as comfortable working with your specific requirements, tech packs and materials as we are in R&D cooperation with your brand and merchandising teams.

More about Logonet Group: www.logonet.com

Our proven processes, quality, and environmental certificates and transparency guarantee peace of mind. Knowing that your brand is in capable hands, you can choose the level of your involvement from big-picture supervision to nitty-gritty details, or anything in between. Satisfied customers are our best proof of smooth cooperation.

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